Environmentally friendly Osmosis machine cleaning

Want environmentally friendly surface cleaning? Try the osmosis cleaner! Environmentally friendly This machine is environmentally friendly because we don’t use any chemicals, just water. Surface cleaning with osmosis water, cleaning brushes, low water pressure. Chemical-free surface cleaning up to 18 metres without Tovább

Cold mist machine disinfection

Fog machine disinfection can make a major contribution to the sterilisation of buildings, ice works and air ducts. It supports our company’s hygiene work and the health of our customers, making all rooms and spaces usable within a short time after treatment.

Dustless Blasting cleaning

Dustless blasting cleaning for dry and wet surfaces. This machine is a great help for our company’s hygiene work, as it removes dirt from surfaces efficiently and safely, and in a short time. We recommend the machine to both corporate and residential customers.

Gardening and environmental care

We also take care of gardening and environmental maintenance. These activities are not only environmentally conscious, but also aesthetically pleasing for a facility where the appearance of a green and clean park is important.


Exterior and interior cleaning of large office buildings, schools, commercial facilities, industrial sites, cultural facilities, spas, swimming pools, condominiums.

Air duct cleaning

Air duct and Home kitchen hood cleaning and disinfection , 99,98% effective bacteria killing with fogging machine