We’re going big once again! Yeey

Opus Tigáz, the way we do it

Well, yes, we also work for the Hungarian company giant. We haven’t started yet, but it looks like we won’t end now either. We signed another contract with them, which allows us to maintain an even better relationship with them.

This is not the first time that Opus Tigáz has hired us as employees. In the Reviews, you can see how satisfied they were with us even before. Even then, we were asked to do maintenance work, which our colleagues performed perfectly and flawlessly.

According to the current contract, we have to carry out technical work at more than 100 sites, all the way from the Danube to Eastern Hungary. And this does not include the custodial work that our company will have to do in Pest County and Nógrád County.


We can’t sit back here yet, as the best is yet to come. However, it fills us with pride and a good feeling that such a large company as Opus Tigáz Zrt. uses our services.