C2B exhibition – The first in Debrecen

Where culture and business meet

The C2B-Culture to Business exhibition was held in Debrecen for the first time this year. This event brought together registered cultural institutions and economic operators under one roof to make it easier for them to work together. The event was replaced on May 4, 2022 by the Kölcsey Center. Participants included musical companies such as the Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra in Debrecen, the Vojtina Puppet Theater and the Agóra Scientific Experience Center. Many smaller and larger companies have also moved out, such as Prohuman’s temporary employment company, Nexon Kft., VWR’s limited liability company for the supply of laboratory equipment, Főnix Média and, of course, Uniszol-Létesetséggazdálkodási Zrt.

The first

This was the first time for our company to move out to an event where they could get potential knowledge about the sustainable development and city management opportunities in Debrecen, the importance of culture and, incidentally, our colleagues were able to connect and build with a lot of potential customers. It was a big step forward for our company as we showed ourselves at a large-scale event and started the activities that bring the Uniszol name to more people. Brand building, the mass of information about the constantly evolving infrastructure and the “reputation” of the company are important for our company to occupy a prominent position in the exponentially developing facility management of the 21st century. The expo opened a new gate for us, which revealed that our company has a future in the life of the city of Debrecen. With our sustainable development services (our Intelligent Building Services and Garden Services), the systems we create in the city will help larger facilities and plants comply with environmental regulations and create a healthier atmosphere for people working in buildings and city dwellers.

Okay, but where next?

Of course, for more and more people to get to know our company, it is not enough to go to such an event. The Campus Festival was also planned to create a selfie point in the festival area with our basket hoist where visitors could take pictures at an altitude of 18 meters. With this we could have taken selfie to a new level at one of the biggest events in Debrecen. Unfortunately, we had to postpone this plan because of labor and human rights regulations. All this did not cause any grief, as x + 1 expo and event is expected in the coming times, where our company would like to show itself.