New business hotel, the Mercure Hotel

Our contribution

In Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street, the project company of the Szinorg Group, Bajcsy Invest Kft., is building another hotel in Debrecen. Hajdu Alu Zrt., Hunép Zrt. and of course Uniszol-Létesühendgazdálkodási Zrt. are also participating in the construction. The latter is responsible for carrying out security tasks.

The hotel will have 5 floors, including the ground floor, with 155 rooms and apartments, as well as a conference room for 120 people and a restaurant for 120 people. Guests will have an underground garage where they can park their cars.

On October 5, 2021, Gyula Szűcs, president and CEO of Szinorg Universal Zrt. president Gyula Szűcs said that a little more time would be needed from now until the next ceremony.

Uniszol-Létesektyvgazdálkodási Zrt. performs the guarding and protection tasks of the area until the construction of the entire building. Our employees are responsible for supervising the area, complying with occupational safety regulations, and providing protective equipment for the people who work there. Our colleagues on the levels follow a specific route to inspect and protect the construction site.

The new Mercure Hotel is scheduled to be handed over in August 2022 this year. This is the reason why more and more business conferences and visitors will appear in Debrecen. It has an economic stimulus effect and can boost the tourism of Debrecen, which is still in full swing.