Performing gardening activities and complex environmental maintenance/care tasks

Our company also takes care of gardening and environmental maintenance within the cleaning business. These activities are not only environmentally conscious, but also aesthetically pleasing for a facility where the appearance of a green and clean park is important. In addition to this, we also carry out the cleaning of paved surfaces, emptying of waste bins and other artificial surfaces.

What can we do to help?

  • Planting, grassing 
  • Lawn care 
  • Park maintenance, lawn care, plant protection, weeding 
  • Waste management 
  • Green waste management
  • Tree planting 
  • Pruning, pruning 
  • Felling, stump grinding 
  • Risk prevention 
  • Regular cleaning of paved surfaces, sweeping, wet dusting 
  • Waste collection, emptying waste bins 
  • Manual and mechanical road cleaning 
  • Winter snow clearance
  • Snow clearance