Do you need someone to look after your security? We can help!

Our company places great emphasis on providing guarding and security services for our clients. This type of service emphasises the importance of the building and the company, as well as the vast majority of legal and security procedures.

Our guarding and security services range from facilities, hotels, office buildings, concierge and event security to other related signage and monitoring work.

  • Guarding of premises, office buildings, warehouses, parking lots 
  • Guarding construction and development sites 
  • Live guarding may be supplemented by the use of electronic and security signalling systems 
  • Provided by a qualified security guard/guard with identification 
  • Supervise, administer, control 
  • Porter and reception service to welcome and guide arrivals 
  • Supervising compliance with entry and exit rules 
  • Checks eligibility to work
  • Checking the luggage and vehicles of persons leaving the premises 
  • Carrying out security duties, managing security systems, portering on call as required by the client
  • The main purpose of event insurance is to ensure the smooth and professional safe running of the event 
  • Parking arrangements 
  • Checking tickets and packages 
  • Safeguarding of event assets and property