Cleaning without dust and grit with Dustless Blasting machine

Dustless Blasting is a dustless blaster for dry and wet surfaces. This machine is a great help for our company’s hygiene work, as it removes dirt from surfaces efficiently and safely, and in a short time. We recommend the machine to both corporate and residential customers.

What it can be used for?

  • Dry and wet technology
  • Dust-free granulation 
  • Surface cleaning

Remove any coating from any material with maximum efficiency and minimum dust formation

  • Suitable for cleaning and repainting any type of masonry 
  • No need to shut down the factory to prepare the surface  
  • Removes in one step paint, primer, any other type of coating, rust, grease and all other dirt 
  • Excellent for removing calcium stains and mould 
  • Removes old oil stains, rubber and paint streaks from asphalt and concrete in parking lots and driveways 
  • In factories and industry, it is an excellent solution for surface cleaning tasks in refineries, chemical plants and even active pipelines 
  • The rust inhibitor removes all chloride and creates a surface ready for painting 
  • Safe to use 
  • The water used in the machine suppresses dust, sparks and static electricity, making the process much safer 
  • Quickly remove even a single coat of graffiti or several layers of paint 
  • Prevents rapid rusting for up to 72 hours 

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