Don't just clean, disinfect!

What is it all about?

Cleaning is not just a legal requirement, but also for good health and a functioning air duct.

The condition and maintenance of air ducts has a big impact on performance and energy use. Prevent unnecessary costs.  

National Fire Safety Code: the ordinance number of the OTSZ is as follows: 54/2014 Bm regulation 196. § (5)

It regulates the review of fire safety cases for air ducts in the following cases: 

  • (5) * 

     The central ventilation system of a residential building with a top service level above 14 metres and the ventilation and extraction system of a hot food restaurant and a hot food takeaway shall be cleaned at the intervals specified by the manufacturer, or, in the absence of such intervals, every 4 years in the case of a residential building and every year in the case of a hot food restaurant and a hot food takeaway, and the cleaning shall be certified in writing.

Review of smoke dampers, fire dampers 

Not only cleaning and disinfection of ductwork and kitchen hoods

  • Dry brush cleaning

    Dry brush cleaning of dusty air ducts in factories, office buildings, prefabricated buildings

  • Mechanical-chemical cleaning

    Mechanical-chemical cleaning of kitchen air ducts, extraction hoods and air handling units

The duct section to be cleaned is scoured by a special rotary brush cleaning machine. At the same time, high-powered air extraction is used to remove dusty dirt from the section to be cleaned.

Greasy, oily deposits mixed with combustion products and dust in kitchen extractor hoods are not only harmful to health, but also a fire hazard. The airflow in the duct network increases the spread of fire, making it a particular risk for the whole building. Firefighters have recently had to intervene on numerous occasions to control fires in restaurant extractor ducts.

Above all, the most important task is to avoid fire hazards and maintain the safety of life and property.

In one step, the special cleaning machine mechanically cleans with a rotating grease brush and applies a foamed grease solvent to the inner surface of the duct to be cleaned. This is followed by another brush cleaning and simultaneous flushing.

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