Where do we recommend?

We recommend thermal camera inspections for industrial premises where a plant shutdown is not possible to avoid wasting time and money.

Our non-contact thermal imaging detects and signals any anomalies before they cause a fire hazard or irreversible damage.

Thermographic testing is also recommended for the units listed in the menu bar on this page. 

What else is it good for?

  • Heat losses in walls, slabs, floors, roof structures, insulation
  • Mapping heat losses from thermal bridges
  • Investigation of air tightness of openings
  • Identification of potential condensation and damp locations to prevent mould growth
  • Identification of soaking points
  • Inspection of radiators, underfloor heating, surface heating (uniformity of heat transfer, control deficiencies, air system, overheating/undercooling, abnormal flow rate and direction)
  • Tracing of concealed piping, insulation, leaks, bursts (heating, cooling, water, sewer)
  • Detection of abnormal operation of other mechanical system components (circulating pump, heat exchanger, hot water storage tanks)
  • Inspection of electrical switchboards, wiring (overheated cables, loose connections, hot spots)

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