Uniszol Zrt and the Environment


In all cases, we use professional, skin- and environment-friendly cleaning products that are 100% biodegradable, harmless to health and the environment. In order to ensure sustainable and cost-effective use, the quantities required are determined according to the level of contamination of the surface to be cleaned and the quantity of product to be dosed, as recommended by the manufacturer. The safety data sheet of the substance must always be provided at the point of use for cleaning and disinfecting agents, as the task cannot be issued without it. 

In order to reduce the environmental burden, we pay special attention to the implementation of selective waste collection, the collection of waste in separate waste segments and the disposal of waste in waste bins. In order to maintain a safe and healthy working environment, we use separate, colour-coded cleaning equipment and appropriate cleaning technology according to the risks in the area. 


Technical operation

For maintenance tasks, we focus on the operation of energy-efficient equipment and also give preference to energy-efficient consumers for our work. 

We have built direct partnerships with manufacturers who are committed to producing energy-saving technologies.

As an option, we prefer heat generators that can be operated without the direct use of fossil fuels – heat pumps in the design.