• Establishment of the company
    100% Hungarian-owned company

    Our 100% Hungarian-owned company was e founded in 2005 in order to meet the changing market requirements. Our company meets the demands of several sectors, such as commercial, industrial, public and government sectors.

    Thanks to the expertise of our professionals and our efficient organisational structure, we have mastered many challenges with maximum customer satisfaction, whether it is the technical operation of a scientific research institute or the cleaning of a kindergarten.

    Our integrated management system enables us to provide high quality services in all areas of facility management.

    Oour activities
    we provide a universal and wide range of quality services in the field of facility management on a national level
    this includes the followings
    • technical operation, i.e. operation and maintenance of mechanical, high and low voltage systems,
    • monthly structural inspections of buildings,
    • cleaning,
    • gardening,
    • security and surveillance,
    • laundry services
    • and all the additional activities that are an essential part of intelligent facility management,

    Our company also provides a full range of swimming pool, spa and wellness centre services, as well as energy services.

    UNISZOL-Facilities Management Ltd. has gained considerable experience in the field of complex building management. Our staff is able to efficiently manage buildings with high technical content, complex and complicated activities, such as sports and industrial facilities, research institutes, etc.

    Our mission 
    Our mission is to ensure that all facilities are operated and maintained to meet today's needs
    What's needed for that?

    Our company's mission is to ensure that all facilities are operated and maintained in accordance with today's requirements, for which we can provide quality and cost-effective services. Proper cleanliness, protection and operation are essential not only for our clients but also for the users of the facilities. We do this in a cost-effective manner, organised and monitored in accordance with environmental guidelines and social requirements.

    Our key values
    our primary key values
    • Our partners
    • our employees
    • environmental awareness
    • cost-effectiveness
    • reliability

    Our partners

    It is important for us that our partners are fully satisfied with our services. We strive to meet all their needs with a high quality service.


    Focus on our employees

    From the very first moment of our company's creation, equal opportunities and human treatment within the company have been a priority. From the very first day we started our company, we have been committed to equal opportunities.

    Our employees are continuously involved in a number of high quality, multidisciplinary training and further training courses in line with current trends. We do our utmost to ensure that our employees feel valued and fully committed to their work.


    Environmental awareness

    In today's world, it is essential to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle, which is not only necessary for individuals but also for companies. Waiting for the material

    Do you want to read more? Check our menu: UniGreen


    Cost efficiency

    Our professionals are constantly striving for cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions in the practical application of Facility Management research. Practical experience has shown that savings of between 10 and 40% can be achieved by using these tools. To apply these research findings on a daily basis, our staff receive regular training through our various training programmes. In implementing the principles of FM, our company is open to innovative solutions that will satisfy our customers.