Our Company’s structure also Green

Not only our services, but also our company is trying to do something for a greener future!

In today’s world, it is already essential that households and companies also do something for the future of our Earth. Let’s see what Uniszol-Létesítménygazdálkodási Zrt. is doing for a greener and more sustainable future.

Upon entering our site, you can see solar panels above the parked cars, which can be a long-term investment for anyone. Be it for private individuals at home or for companies at their premises. Thanks to all this, our company produces energy efficiently, so it uses clean energy when using the electricity necessary for the operation of the site. Of course, the solar panel is a green solution, as it does not produce carbon dioxide or other polluting gases.

In our offices, we collect waste selectively, separately for paper, plastic and glass. In order for this sorted waste collection to work as well as possible, we have placed selective waste collection bins in every locality within the office building. This way, colleagues do not have to walk to the nearest trash can every time, which saves valuable time.

Drinking the right amount of water, as we know, is very important for the human body. Unfortunately, water consumption quite often involves the production of plastic waste, but there is a solution for this as well. In our offices, there is a water balloon in the shared kitchen, which is environmentally friendly, as the balloons can be recycled. Our employees can only release water from the balloon into glass cups, thereby helping to reduce plastic waste.

In summary, we can proudly say that our company pays attention to creating environmentally conscious corporate value and maintaining a sustainable world.